Aural Reports

What's Buzzing Through the Skulls of Orange County?


> " This is definitely the next big thing to hit the Net. If you're a music fan, you need to check out this site. They've got all the merchandise you could ever want from bands like Unwritten Law, Pennywise, the Aquabats, Kottonmouth Kings and about 80 more. The best thing about it is their prices are low!"

> "Goldenvoice. Simply put, without Goldenvoice, there would be no music in Southern California. Great people and terrific concerts! They're keeping us entertained and doing a good job at it."

> "Bad Meets Evil, 'Nuttin' to Do.' This maxi-single from Game Records out of NYC is from a group made up of Eminem and his hip-hop partner, Royce the 5-9. It has only three songs, but the lyrical genius contained within can't be beat! Get this CD if you can find it!"

> "Urban Jungle compilation CD. Mixed by Aphrodite, this mix CD brings back some of the old-school beats like NWA, throws in some terrific jungle, and then mixes in artists like Aaliyah, Ice Cube, the Jungle Brothers and Roni Size."

> "A Little Something Refreshing. It's a shame this KUCI radio show is on a little break right now because it was the only thing that saved my Saturday afternoons from the Ska Charade. Finally—a radio show that focused on and helped the local scene. Hopefully, it will be back soon."