American Psycho

The far-Right side of Ted Nugents mind

Not at all. We got along just fine. In fact . . . I don't know if I should say this, how the authorities are gonna react. I went to a George party in Manhattan, and I carry a gun; I'm a sheriff's deputy in Lake County, Michigan. I'm licensed to carry a gun, and I carry it everywhere. But I don't think my license was any good in Manhattan. Anyway, I was packing massive firepower, and John and I and Carolyn and my wife had our pictures taken together, and when John put his arm around me, he got a handful of Glock! [maniacal laughter] And a bunch of Secret Service guys acknowledged it and thought it was great! And John—I could tell that he was frantic to make this point to me—he said, "I'm not against gun ownership; I just think it should be regulated so the wrong people don't get them." And I said, "One day, I would like to get together to have a roundtable with you to see how we can further that cause."

When are you going to go into politics?


Why not?

Politicians don't have the hunting season off. I've taken four months off to go hunting every year since 1973, and the whole world can kiss my dead dog's left nut!

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