Rocks Great, Un-Ironic Hope

Beachwood Sparks are going to make California rock huge again

Which is too bad because the music of Beachwood Sparks is actually pretty great, beautifully layered, catchy and accomplished, featuring effects that sound more like video-game noises than anything used by the bands they're re-interpreting.

To be honest, I love the album. The harmonies are exquisite. The melodies make me cry. The songs stick in my head. If only I could leave it there. If only I could slam the door before the torrents of associated crap come rushing in. But I can't.

Of course, that might just be the stick up my ass talking.

Beachwood Sparks play with the Green and Yellow TV at Que Sera, 1923 E. 7th St., Long Beach, (562) 599-6170. Sat., 9 p.m. Call for cover. 21+.
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