Digital Monsters 2000

[Catchy theme music rises]: Digimon, digital monster! Digimon is champion!

King: Uh, oh! Bushťmon is digi-volving into the vomit-spewing Bushamuru, digital monster! Bushamuru: Gloorpf!!! Fooom! Bleaagugh!!!! McCain: I'd better assume my Power Ranger form! Power on! Keyes: John, you're so out of touch. You really must join me in the mosh pit sometime. It'll smooth you out. It's like a Jacuzzi, but with jets of white kids instead of water. And incidentally, I will bite the head off a chicken before I will allow you to besmirch the name of Ronald Reagan by affixing it to your neo-liberal policies. Announcer: Tonight's debate has been brought to you by Amalgamated Amalgamations. We don't make the product; we make the money on the product. We don't do your labor; we make the profit on your labor. Thank you, and good night.
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