'I Am a Harvard Man'

'And I am running around in a state of euphoria'

At the end of my stay in the hospital, they gave me the old-fashioned electroconvulsive shock treatments. These were the old-fashioned kind, bro. I still have the marks on my temples where they attached the electrodes. That did it; it knocked the living shit out of my brain.

After that, I started to improve, and they let me out of the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, I discovered a science called sology. The name comes from the Bible, where Jesus said, "I am the logos." If you anagram that to be sology—logos backward with a y at the end—it becomes a study of letters and words within words. The concept of letters I helped develop in Harvard was even used for Sesame Street. It's all about playing with letters as if they are the living letter of the Living Word. The word "cup," if you spell it out, is C-U-P or "See up." Don't you get it? Every time you take a drink from a cup and tilt it back, you have to see up.

My little black kid says, "You keep seeing up, so I'm going to see you pee pretty soon." Do you get it? The word "evolution," which everyone is so upset about—if you read it backward, it becomes noitulove or "Know it you love." That's four words out of one by spelling it backward.

I and the world are in the midst of a major miracle right now. The once-in-a-lifetime event with the moon 10 days ago is one sign. Another sign is we had two blue moons in two months. People haven't even heard of once in a blue moon, but two blue moons in the same months is unheard of.

I believe the old master said we are but grains of sand on the beach of time. Sand backward is dnas—that's what we are: dnas. DNA is constructed in a double helix spiral. What that means is we exist in a parallel reality, a mirror reality or "Freality."

Freality: that's where I've been living for a long time. Nobody gets sick; nobody is hurt; everybody is happy.

I was born on Oct. 9—John and Sean Lennon's birthday, in the year 1945, which is the year Bob Marley was born. I will finish this by saying that in his music, Lennon says he wants the world to live as one and be as one. Take the letters MON from Monday, the worst day of the week. MON flipped upside down is NOW. NOW backwards is WON. Put the two together and you get NOW WON, or "Now On." In other words, the world living as one and being as one will happen from now on, meaning that it's already happened.

Right now I'm working on my own project called HEMP: Help Educate Misled People. I just called the president of the United States and left a message for him, and soon I will give Al Gore the facts about medical marijuana.

I'm presently incarcerated at . . . Medical Center in . . . The telephone number here is . . . I am being incarcerated because I put myself into the system. I was wandering in the midst of this miracle, and I got cold. I was having beautiful euphoric experiences. I went back in 72 hours ago; they were supposed to let me go but are keeping me here for another 14 days. It's very nice. Understanding, intelligent people. Here's a guy who graduated from Harvard. Who has manic disorder and who gets great effects from marijuana because it calms me down.

There is no institution available in this state with the exception of the Cannabis Resource Center in LA that will let you smoke marijuana. There is no place for me to go. I never went to a hospital for seven years straight because I had my medical marijuana, but now I don't have any because the hospital doesn't allow it.

If I had my medical marijuana right now, I'd be much more relaxed. Right now I want to strangle my doctor for putting me on medication.

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