Scenes From the Uber-Mall

Bribe-a-rama! And boys, boys, boys. Damn, we love this job!

More of the same Feb. 6, though we did hear a whole bunch of shouting going up in some part of the hall. If we had to guess, we'd guess there were some titties involved. We stopped by Surfing Magazine often because they had cappuccinos and the guys working the Robert August booth across the aisle were heartbreakingly beautiful. We avoided eye contact.

On Feb. 7, hangovers from the preceding evening's slamming Surfing Magazine party—open bar for hundreds—at Jack Rose (which was actually broken up sometime after 2:30 a.m. by a human chain of cops in riot gear, which seems to us a slight overreaction and one that could have escalated dreadfully just by someone accidentally bumping into a cop, and then everyone's going nuts and there's hell to pay) were being nursed in the surliest possible way, and the Naugahyde couches overflowed with Surfing staffers reading a hilarious and insightful article on how to eat pussy in this month's Vice Magazine,which also features pregnant lesbians. We highly recommend it.

Then everyone went home, leaving a small, aching hole in our heart where their smiling faces had been. Goodbye, ASR! Goodbye!

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