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Thank you very much for years of wonderful, useful information on every subject imaginable! And now to the contrary: Did Victor Infante even see Girl, Interrupted, or does he practice Cliffs Notes-style reviews? Lucky for him there are periodicals that apparently don't require reviews that contain the points delivered by the feature, just the reviewer's saccharine opinions. So here's a quick review of the film: a woman looks from the window of her car forlorn and in tears. She has set the new Samsonite bag in the back seat of an arriving cab. She knows her daughter is about to be remanded into the care of the neighboring mental-health facility. They see each other through misty car windows. She almost waves goodbye. Her daughter is gone. The martini parties are now safe. . . .

David Paskowitz San Clemente


My compliments on your interview with Douglas Keene on depression, happiness, relativity and time! ("Time Crawls When You're Miserable," Jan. 21). It's definitely one of the best articles that I've read on the subject. I found it on the Web, and I'm sending it to my patients and friends!

Dr. Joseph Dziados Redmond, Washington


R. Scott Moxley and Matt Coker's articles on the toll roads were right on target ("Highway Robbery," Jan. 14). The proposed toll road over the Santa Ana River is a misguided project that would benefit a few but cost most of us in terms of air and water pollution, as well as be a detriment to the continued existence of numerous species. The California least tern uses the river for feeding, and the mouth of the river is one of its last nesting sites. The effect of the toll road on the current bike trail is another concern. In addition, the noise and visual impact upon the local community will be tremendous.

In Los Angeles County, state and local agencies are working to beautify and enhance the riparian habitat of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers. Here in Orange County, it seems, rivers, foothills and other open places are given away by politicians to their developer friends.

Dave Hall Huntington Beach

Thank you for your commitment to covering the toll-road issue. Your articles never fail to show the inanity of the Transportation Corridor Agencies. The most recent articles successfully spotlighted why toll roads are not the solution to our transportation problems. Those of us who don't want to see the last open spaces in Orange County swallowed up by urban sprawl greatly appreciate your coverage of this important issue.

Julia Dewees San Clemente

Your articles about the proposed Santa Ana River toll road were well-meaning but never got to the heart of the economics. Why not ask these questions: If private tollway operators can't make a profit on a $160 million tollway paralleling the congested 91 freeway, how will we ever recoup money on a $950 million elevated tollway above the Santa Ana River? The 10-mile 91 tollway parallels one of the busiest freeways in the world, with no alternate routes. The six-mile Santa Ana River tollway will take drivers from Harbor Boulevard, Warner Avenue or Garfield to the 57 freeway, with multiple free parallel routes available. Yet developer American Transportation Development projects that there will be 96,500 weekday transactions of $1.50 to $2 to use this toll route when the road opens. No wonder the developers want to foist this project off on a nonprofit corporation that will issue bonds and assume all responsibility for operation and repaying the bonds.

This scam needs a stake driven through its heart. If Orange County Transportation Authority directors vote any more subsidies for this project, they are fools giving money to scoundrels.

P.S. The Orange County Register doesn't seem to want to print letters about this topic and instead champions more public-private partnerships. Never let common sense get in the way of that libertarian ideology.

Gus Ayer Fountain Valley



I certainly appreciate the value of humor in and out of the context of social and political commentary, but I was troubled by R. Scott Moxley's "Hitler's Lisp" piece in the OC Weekly(Calendar, Jan. 28). I am afraid I do not share your confidence that everyone in your readership will realize that you are sarcastically taking a shot at Senator Pete Knight and the backers of Proposition 22. Frankly, since those of us who have been working openly against the Knight Initiative have been subject to vicious group and personal attacks, I had to read the article twice to confirm your intent.

I cannot help but question the wisdom of informing people about what will hopefully be a significant forum on the danger of this initiative by leading into it with statements that may be misinterpreted as facts. And since, for some reason, the actual event is not mentioned till the very end of your piece, there may be some readers who don't even make it to the end because as they scan the column, they are too put-off to finish it.

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