The Needles Eye

Talkin smack where smacks due

Then you had ugly rich guy Forbes taking credit for his wealth—Daddy had nothing to do with it, we're sure—and promising over and over again to reform the tax system, replacing the graduated income tax with a flat one. We wonder why.

And then you had all of the candidates obliquely hammering on Bill and Monica, including—bizarrely enough—George Dubya, whose own shenanigans are as icky-frat-boy as they come. At least this time that snatch Diane Sawyer wasn't around; we still get hackles remembering how she smugly hammered Al Gore on the tedious question—as though straight-laced Gore were somehow to blame for Clinton's trouble keeping it in his pants. In fact, so far as we know, Gore was only to blame (along with toe-sucker/swinger Dick Morris) for persuading Clinton to sign the welfare bill into law.

So, any of you happen to read the terrific article in the Jan. 9 Los Angeles Times about California's growing income gap? The Times was at its best here, juxtaposing pictures of Silicon Valley moguls, just gone public and getting into their new Ferraris, with pictures of people living in actual tarpaper shacks just down the road. The paper also examined the philanthropic habits of said moguls—and they seem to be giving Orange County a run for its money in the Embarrassing Stinginess category. Amid all those vaunted private thousand points of light, OC households average a pathetic $1.39 per year in charitable giving—and Internet princes aren't much better. According to the Times, they can't give away their money because then it'll take that much longer to get to the magic number of 1 billion. And who wants to lose that race? Thinking about holding Bill Gates up to us as some kind of charitable paragon? Don't. When you've got $90 billion —just one man has approximately 1 percent of the nation's wealth —giving away $100 million here or there still leaves you with a whole lot of lettuce. We don't see these folks climbing through the eye of a needle. Perhaps we should eat them? Or, hell—maybe we should give them a flat tax. Ferraris and Arabian stallions trickle down, don't they?

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