It Aint Over Till Its Over

Y2K nuts still waiting in joyful anticipation of the End Times

In fairness, most disaster scenarios look silly in retrospect, and the more lurid they were, the dumber they seem. Indeed, the discrepancy between what had been predicted and what actually happened was so vast that a number of people have gone overboard and started muttering into their beards that the whole thing was a massive hoax, a profit-making scam for programmers.

Peter de Jager, the technology journalist whom many credit with awakening the world to the Y2K problem, addresses these suspicions on his Y2K Information Center site ( "The irony is that our sole goal was to avoid all problems," he wrote on the site. "The greater our success, the more 'evidence' we will provide to the critics to help them 'prove' that Y2K was an illusion. Why was there no chaos? Because programmers and managers around the world rose to the challenge and did their best to solve this potential problem before it became a reality.

"I wish you a happy New Year," he concluded, "compliments of programmers around the world."

Amen, brother.

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