How About a Future That Doesnt Blow?

And includes The Sopranos

Somewhere down the line, the exceptions came to outnumber the rules I live by. I think of myself as a disciplined yoga-doin' kinda guy, but I never actually do yoga anymore. I think of myself as generous, yet I expend a boodle of time looking to see if people notice my generosity. I think of myself as socially conscious, but I didn't even notice the World Trade Organization (WTO) protest was brewing until it happened.

The WTO protests turned out to be one of the most significant and heartening events of the decade (though perhaps not as heartening for the protesters getting gassed and groin-kicked by the cops) and one of the few things giving hope for the years ahead. The WTO and trade agreements are not sexy topics, yet tens of thousands of people gathered in the streets of Seattle (with little advance word in the press, even the ostensibly alternative press), recognizing the threat of global policies that are blind to human rights and environmental concerns. As a friend who was there later told me, "It was one Mack Daddy protest."

If we want a future that doesn't blow, one that's of our own making rather than one bestowed upon us by Uncle Eisner and Unicorp., we're going to have to be more vigilant and involved, and since the only part of we that moves when I tell it to is me, I'm going to have to lively up myself and reconnect with the self I don't know anymore.

New Year's resolutions are as much bullshit as is the millennial hoopla that's been forced down our throats. But if one needs to change and there's a handy epochal event to tie it to, why not? From this bitchen Millennial Day forward, I resolve to aim toward a life that's more soulful and playful for all; to not let others carry my water for me, but to thank people and businesses who deserve thanks, and to spread scorn and boycott upon those who trammel; to work toward a true anti-mall, where the lion's share of the profit goes to the Third World workers who made an item; to help arrive at a world in which money is the least of things that is exchanged between us; and to do all this in time to watch The Sopranos because boy, do I love that show.

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