Life Wont Wait

Farside at the crossroads

"I have yet to see the end of the tunnel, really," Vogelsang confesses. "We'll see how it goes. On the tour this summer, people told us they'd been waiting so long to see us, because the last time we toured was in '95, and a lot of people had gotten into us since then. And people who were already fans told us how happy they were to finally see us again. We had a good time and even turned a profit, which was nice.

"We've been doing it so long, it seems like something you could never see ending, like it could just go on forever. There are a lot of other things I want to pursue, not just musically. Since I'm living in Hollywood, I might as well try to become an actor or do voice-over work—put my 12 years of smoking to good use, use my deep voice to my advantage. But I can't not have a band; I can't imagine life without one. I gotta be doing something. Either way, it's always gonna be better than punching a clock. The ultimate goal is to not have to work. Not too hard, anyway."

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