The New New World Order

Legal demonstrators, the Idiot Party and Arthur Carmona

"I've been up here today over 50 minutes, but been up here for the better part of an hour, and my voice is getting dry, and I am tired, and I am missing things. I write these notes, and I get wound up and forget what I am saying, so I will stop. . . . We go to law school, got to give us a chance to talk to you. Part of the rules. We need to be able to talk and say what we feel. We need to argue. I made arguments or said things, objected, argumentative. This is the time for me to argue to you. . . . So when I sit down, I know I have forgotten something because I've forgotten something every time I've done this."

Superior Court Judge Everett Dickey (perhaps gun-shy after the storm of law-and-order outrage that hailed down when he ordered the release last year of Geronimo Pratt for prosecutorial malfeasance) denied a request for appeal based on the lameness of the defense, saying, "The court can't really grant a new trial for the purpose of trying the whole thing again. No trial is ever perfect."

We wonder what hay the late and lovely former California Supreme Court Chief Justice Rose Bird, who died of breast cancer on Dec. 4, would have made of that. Perhaps her opposition to the death penalty was spurred by such spurious and malevolent prosecutions as the one committed against Carmona. We miss her already.

A fund-raiser for Carmona's appeal will be held Wednesday night at the Santa Ana Elks Club (see the Calendar's Politics listings for more info or call 714-740-4099). And as for prosecutor Jana Hoffman, well, we wish her a merry Christmas, all snug and cozy in her well-appointed bed while Carmona attempts to find peace in a juvenile prison facility in northern California. We really can't think of anything funny to say here about that whore. Damn, she's even managed to steal our vaunted and deservedly well-praised wit. Now that makes us mad. We really can't get over what a whore Jana Hoffman is.
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