Well, bro, I just read Rick Kane's article on Rage Against the Machine and thought it was very well-done. I was particularly happy to see so much information about Zack de la Rocha's band that might have been Rage, Inside Out. But I gotta say I was a little hurt about the way you described the guitarist situation for that band. You interviewed Mike Rosas and said he was "one of several [guitarists] the band employed during its brief life." Rosas himself said, "Inside Out was really Zack's band." Shit, I was the guitarist for Inside Out, dude. I was a schmuck and left Zack and the band totally cold to run off and spend 10 years as a Hare Krishna monk. After that, Zack tried hard to keep the band—which was his life and soul—together with a string of guitarists that included Rosas. But you dis and miss the whole beauty of Inside Out by saying, "Inside Out was really Zack's band" and insinuating that a disposable string of members was utilized by a front-man-dominated band. That's not what Inside Out was at all. Inside Out was a total collaboration, almost like a union of the souls of the members—and that's what made the band shine. I was responsible for roughly half the lyrics and music on our only recorded release, No Spiritual Surrender. And every song we did had the spiritual fingerprint of each member of the band.

Don't dismiss that, bro. That's what makes a few unique bands work like an A-bomb compared to mere dynamite. And that, to me, is why Inside Out was and always will be such a beautiful and cherished part of my life.

Vic DiCara via e-mail Rich Kane responds: Do Hare Krishnas really use words like "bro" and "dude"? Man, the churchhas changed.


I am writing to ask you guys about a picture I saw in your Nov. 12 issue on Page 25. Is that Kurt Cobain? I am a really big fan of Nirvana, and Kurt is my idol, and I was so excited when I saw what I think is a picture of him. Is it him, or am seeing a double? If it's him, when was that picture taken? I'm anxious to know if it's him. Please respond to me as soon as possible.

Francisco Garcia Santa Ana Kurt Cobain replies: I didn't really die. No one does. You just disappear for a while. Take Elvis, who, in this life, has to appear in trailer parks in Arizona being his big, old, fat self. I've chosen to make my return as Scott Presant, publisher of the free magazineSkratch. It's easier this way. Now when people say, "Hey, didn't you used to be someone famous?" I can say, "I still am. I'm Scott Presant."


Thanks to Matt Coker, a mystery is solved ("Poo Fighters," Nov. 26). Former deputy district attorney Chris Evans, now the Surfrider Foundation's CEO, admits his ignorance of CoastKeeper. Where have you been this past year, Chris? Maybe arranging and rearranging those pencils on your desk? What's really funny, though, is Evans' statement that "We've been waiting a long time for others to come and help." If it weren't for Clean Aliso Creek Association's aggressive reaching out to Surfrider's Laguna chapter, the South Laguna Civic Association and CoastKeeper, you'd still be sitting there, micrometer in hand, rearranging your pen-and-pencil set, waiting for Godot or whomever.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Chris. Did you sit around and wait for help on your cases when you were in the DA's office? I spoke to you for a half-hour a few weeks ago, trying to prod and guilt-trip you into attending the "workshop" on ocean pollution that my coalition, the Clean Water Now Coalition, succeeded in procuring on Nov. 9 in Laguna Beach. No one from Surfrider's headquarters showed up, and so you still sit there, a hodad environmentalist, waiting for the phone to ring and some reporter to please, please ask your opinion.

Chris, your only success this year was to make Surfrider passť. We'll pick it up from here, knowing that we are in the vanguard. . . . Catch us if you can!

Roger von Butow founder, Clean Aliso Creek Association Laguna Beach

Your article regarding the proposed Wal-Mart to be built in Huntington Beach only told one story and misrepresented some key facts ("Discount Democracy," Nov. 5). If you watch Huntington Beach politics at all, you are probably aware that the Huntington Beach Union High School District just lost its bid for a bond issue that would have been used for desperately needed repairs to their schools. In that climate, we looked for a non-tax method of obtaining funds for maintenance and upgrades to our open sites. Sites that have been deemed surplus—such as Crest View School—are the answer. By leasing Crest View to Wal-Mart, we get an ongoing source of revenue, and we get the property back at the end of the term. The Wal-Mart development at Crest View will generate almost $41 million in lease revenue as opposed to $7.5 million for an outright sale. This revenue will help us qualify for $27 million in matching modernization funds from the state.

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