Night of the Living Hoax

World Currency Cartel returns from the dead

Is any of this sounding familiar?

But since this kind of scam is spread by its victims, the folks behind this latest round of e-mails very probably have nothing to do with the ones running it in 1990. Those early pioneers used P.O. boxes throughout Southern California (including OC); the current e-mail includes a fax number in the (212) area code. (Attempts to contact the WCC through this number were unsuccessful.)

It'd be nice if folks like the Mikkelsons and the MMFers didn't have to waste their time refuting the same dreary scams again and again. But, as the MMF site points out, as long as the WCC's SECRET FLAW exists, there will be people eager to take advantage of it.

"The secret flaw to which the spammer refers is probably that flaw in human nature which ensures that scams like this will continue to proliferate throughout all eternity," the site says. "That flaw is called 'being a sucker.'"

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