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You guys really kill me. I guess to make it on your Scariest People list, all you really have to do is be successful. I refer most directly to your listing of Mark McGrath—No. 21, in case you lost count ("Orange County's 31 Scariest People," Oct. 29). You beat the hell out of him for his crotch-thrusting moves and his—er . . . um, what's the word?—honesty? Mark might be a little too forthright for you folk who constantly try to find meaning in crappy bands with negative attitudes who look to book a bad gig at the Tiki Bar.

Sugar Ray was playing its songs more then 10 years ago in local bars and suffered through more than most bands on the scene go through now. The least you could do is show a little respect to a band that rode the waves of the local scene for years and finally succeeded at what they tried to do for a living. Sure, they don't have jobs at coffeehouses or tattoo parlors, but, hey, if getting bashed by the lowly OC Weekly is the price of success, what do you think the guys playing at the Tiki Bar tonight would take?

Paul Nordlund, via e-mail

Let's set the record straight about Raghu Mathur (No. 7). Three years ago, self-proclaimed elites—a small group of disgruntled Ph.D.s at Irvine Valley College—decided they were going to get even with Mathur and the board of trustees for some unfavorable college business decisions. They have taken a vow to shut down the college and have enlisted students to do their dirty work. This is very selfish, unprofessional and not in the best interests of the students and community. After their "Recall Frogue" effort [to recall trustee Steven J. Frogue] miserably failed, they couldn't even get their own radical trustees elected and all the while continue to threaten our accreditation every chance they get. The fact is after some reforms, we have more classes and sections offered and have more students than ever. Even those who protest (a group of 10) are not fleeing.

Marc A. Levinson, Aliso Viejo

Just as your "31 Scariest" issue came out, faculty at Irvine Valley College were finishing off a truly gruesome survey in preparation for a really spooky accrediting-team visit. The grisly results, released on Nov. 1, reveal that 88 percent of respondents disagreed with the statement that "the college president provides effective leadership." Scarier still, 90 percent disagreed with the statement "I can express my opinion about issues at the college without fear of retribution or retaliation."

Roy Bauer, professor of philosophy, Irvine Valley College

At first, I was little annoyed by your article, mainly because of the untruths you said about what I do. You did get my name right—except for the spelling—and I am a spokesperson for Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), which was established by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose abuses in the field of mental health. And we do hold psychiatrists accountable for their crimes.

Other than that, you were off 180 degrees on things such as who publishes materials for CCHR and definitely on my mystical powers to brainwash people. I was kind of flattered that I beat Laura Schlessinger and surprised to be beaten by Scooby Doo. I am not sure who or how anyone could think of Scooby Doo as scary. I guess one of your writers must have had a traumatic experience in childhood from watching Scooby Doo. I am sure that psychiatry in its DSM IV manual has a label to cover it and the proper psychotropic drug to handle "Scooby Doo Fear Syndrome." Now that would be really scary. . . .

Jacki Panzik (No. 12), CCHR OC spokesperson

In making out your list of the scariest people in Orange County, how did you overlook the Weekly's own Rebecca Schoenkopf? She's smarter than 95 percent of the female population. No man—gay or straight—is safe from her predatory saloon prowling. And she believes she really is a commie girl. Sounds scary to me.

Wayne Valin, Santa Ana

Enjoyed, as always, your Scariest People list. In a la-la land of self-love, it is nice to have one list that puts things into universal perspective and arrogance in its place. But why were you so modest as not to include the OC Weekly staff as No. 32?

Michael Arnold Glueck, Newport Beach Editor's note: We did not include ourselves because we were afraid that when we saw what we had written about ourselves, we would hunt us down and kill us.

Each time Sheriff Mike Carona (No. 8) issues a carry permit to a productive citizen, the investment portfolio of every street punk contracts. The incremental risk to me is perceptibly smaller than Warren Beatty demanding my paycheck be confiscated to finance street carnivals for the Officially Sad. And as for Laura Schlessinger (No. 16): one peep at her naughty nudies confirms she is skanky in the proudest liberal tradition of Kennedy grazing.

Al Schwartz, via e-mailAPESHIT
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