White Lines, black helicopters

The highlight of the evening, of course, was the Łberrock-star antics of the Gaza Strippers, who twirled their drumsticks and played their guitars with their beer bottles and leaped in the air and snarled a whole bunch and did pelvic thrusts and generally entertained us in a way we haven't been entertained since we saw Band Romeo sing "Good Girls," "Bad Girls," "Long Legs, Tight Skirt," "I Wanna Be Seduced" and "Bedtime for My Baby" at the Whisky in 1988. They were a little bit Razzle and a little bit rock & roll.

But when we found ourselves passing fashion judgment on the black jeans of the sunglassed lead singer, we figured it was time to stop watching. He was kind of sexy, for a tiny little man, in a supergreasy way; we especially liked the blatant Jim Morrison clone thing he had going on. Jim Morrison, of course, would never have worn black jeans—at least not post-1990. Us morphing into fashion police? Boo!

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