Guilty Pleasures


1158 Club bookers like Linda Jamison, Randy Cash and Lisa Sexton, who actually treat musicians-and the OC music scene-with respect.

1159 The grenadeand Irish root beer, the specialties of the house at Stubrik's, the best bar and restaurant to open in Fullerton since the late, great Mikki's. Bartender Barclay has come up with the grenade, which is a twist on a mai tai. It includes shots of vodka, rum, gin and Midori, along with blue Curaçao, sweet and sour, orange and pineapple juices, and 7-Up. The Irish root beer involves kahlua, amaretto and Bacardi 151 poured in a shot glass and dropped into a half-pint of Guinness. It can even be lit on fire. 118 E. Commonwealth, Fullerton, (714) 871-1290.

1160 Getting Lit.

1161 MainPlace in Santa Ana, a welcome break from the garish shoppertainment complexes that are infesting OC, is one of the few remaining shopping-mall experiences that doesn't leave you jonesing for a shot of Ritalin.

1162 The Catfish Po' Boy at Ramos House Café. 31752 Los Rios St., San Juan Capistrano, (949) 443-1342.

1163 The band name Trulio Disgracias. They're not really from OC, but their label Transmission was.

1164Off-duty strippersgrinding on themselves at Liquid Lounge. 28471 Marguerite Pkwy., Mission Viejo, (949) 347-5991.

1165 Fat links of sweet, spicy pork sausage, fresh fluffy buns with caramel coconut jam, crepe-like cassava pancakes with grated young coconut and sweet cream sauce-these are the makings of the best Filipino breakfast in OC at Mangga Grill. 341 E. First St., Tustin, (714) 730-1332.

1166 Walking in off the street and buying a signed first edition of a Christopher Isherwood novel at the Bookman Basement. 840 N. Tustin Ave., Orange, (714) 538-0166.

1167 James Harman. The godfather of OC blues, Huntington Beach's Harman is a prolific songwriter and superb singer/harp blower who gets better each year. At 53, he's the elder statesman of the scene, and his dance-friendly, swing-influenced style has been the prototype for the local sound. Hollywood Fats, Kid Ramos, Gene Taylor, Jeff Turmes and Willie J. Campbell are just a few of the people who have turned stints in his band over the years, making the notoriously cranky Harman something like OC's answer to John Mayall -only a hell of a lot more talented. And underrated.

1168 Driving from the 55 to the 5 to the 57 without having to leave the carpoollane.

1169 The following items received in press kits from bands, poets and novelists:

1170 Cocoa.

1171 Candy bars.

1172 Earl Grey tea.

1173 Condoms.

1174 Mad Libs.

1175 Wallpaper swatches.

1176 Libertarian dope activist Steve Kubby-who actually moved here because it was MORE tolerant than other parts of California.

1177 Actually, Kubby didn't come in a press kit.

1178 The mural at French 75 Champagne Bar. 1464 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, (949) 494-8444.

1179 Vans Skate Park. Thank God Vans had the vision to capitalize on a growing population of skaters with no worthy place to shred. And in a mall? It sounded as likely as tequila shooters at a baseball game. But they gave the skating people what they want: a 50,000-square-foot facility boasting a 80-feet-wide vert ramp, inside and outside street course, mini ramp, intermediate pool, and a stellar re-creation of the Upland Pipeline's legendary Combi Pool (they actually improved on the original, which was built for swimming, by adding larger transitions to make it more "skateable"). Professional and recreational skaters offered themselves up as virtual slave labor to help construct the place; they wanted to be sure that coping was laid with passion. The street course is on par with temptations of local high schools and shopping malls with quarter pipes, handrails, banks, stairs and marble benches designed to be skated. Plus, Vans would be damn fools not to make it even easier for the young'uns to pick up a board, by offering a pee-wee area that has the same obstacles the big guys get to skate, but in a less intimidating environment. And speaking of intimidating, girls, young and old, kick ass throughout. And don't forget one-stop shopping: a retail store to score some new duds and a skate store for gear. And you can get free lessons given by pros, or at least someone way better than you. The Block at Orange, 20 City Blvd. W., Orange, (714) 769-3800.

1180 The little red lights a-blazin' atop the nuclear hooters.

1181 The "fleeing family" signs near the border checkpoint.

1182 Wondering why the border checkpointis located nearly 70 miles from Mexico.

1183 Figuring it has to be designed to keep San Diegans out of OC.

1184 "Does not the Jan. 17 earthquake, and common sense and logic, tell us that maybe the almighty God-creator of all-is trying to tell us something? Should we ask his forgiveness?" Letter to the Register, Jan. 25, 1994.

1185 Orange County head librarian John Adams: great voice, great laugh, great sense of humor, and absolutely no tolerance for the kind of narrow-minded zealotry that wants to keep everyone's kids from reading Heather Has Two Mommies. The kind of guy you'd like to have a beer with.

1186 The bordello-red Fling. It has old people and a pianist! 2370 N. Tustin Ave., Santa Ana, (714) 547-8972.

1187The occasional great acoustic performer at Costa Mesa's Triangle Square, best enjoyed by getting beers downstairs at Whole Foods and sneaking them upstairs.

1188 The video series Crusty Demonsof Dirt I, II, III, IV and V, which has the sickest, craziest, largest, nuttiest jumping, crashing, freestylin' motorcycle riding action that has been seen this century.

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