Guilty Pleasures


1635 The Rainforest Café. Can't afford Disneyland? Take your kids to this South Coast plaza eatery, and you'll get all of the noisy animatronic animals you can stand, without having to sit through any of the songs from that goddamn Lion King. Plus, there's booze. 3333 Bristol St., Ste. 1073, Costa Mesa, (714) 424-9200.

1636 At least Dornan published HIS enemies list.

1637 Dana Rohrabacher is not a member of Trent Lott's "The Singing Senators."

1638 (Probably because he's a congressman, but why quibble?)

1639 The owner of Captain Blood's Village Theater reportedly descended from real pirates.

1640 Ditto Donald Bren.

1641 Ditto George Argyros.

1642 Ditto William Lyons.

1643 Ditto Don Koll.

1644 Ditto Kathryn Thompson.

1645 Alternative Repertory Theatre. Nonprofessional in the sense that it can't use union actors, ART regularly chooses the most sophisticated literary season of any theater in the county and appears to be integrating more new actors into its mix, and its new theater is the bomb. Other theaters are closing the gap, but ART, the dean of Orange County's so-called storefront theaters, remains at the top of its class.

1646 The Moose Museum at Mainly Seconds. 789 S. Tustin Ave., Orange, (714) 744-2559.

1647 The Seal Beach NavalWeapons Station is a National Wildlife Refuge.

1648 Party on!

1649 Keggerat Mound 16!

1650 By the way, it's "new-clee-ur."

1651 Not "new-cu-lar."

1652 We're just saying.

1653 Speaking of great things served in a bucket, the Baja Bucketat Rockin' Baja Lobster is killer. Chunks of broiled steak, chicken, shrimp and small lobster tails come steaming hot to your table in a small metal bucket. Accompanying them is a generous serving of tortillas, beans, rice and salsa for you to make your own tacos and burritos. The price is steep for one person because you get so much food, but split among four it's affordable and delicious. 2104 W. Ocean Front, Newport Beach, (949) 723-0606.

1654 The circular aquariumat the entrance of the Huntington Beach Central Library. 7111 Talbert Ave., Huntington Beach, (714) 842-4481.

1655 Moulton Theatre. Maybe it's the cavernous, old-school theater interior, the hint of salt in the always crisp Laguna Beach air, or the impossibly friendly volunteers who serve as ushers, ticket-takers and bar staff, but this stately theater, home of the Laguna Playhouse, is the only venue in the county that should really be referred to as a "theatre." 606 Laguna Canyon Rd., Laguna Beach, (949) 494-8021.

1656 The boys of 1605in Huntington Beach. It's as close to a co-op as you get in Surf City, with bands, publishing ventures, a TV show, clothing companies and more bands hanging out at a big, dirty house and peeing in the bushes.

1657 Wearing jeans to an Opera Pacifica performance.

1658 The chocolate banana cream cake at Herb's Black Forest Bakery seems an anomaly-how many bananas do you see on the cargo ships pulling out of Hamburg?-but it's a fabulosity among many fabulosities. 18225 Brookhurst St., Ste. 23, Fountain Valley, (714) 964-2584.

1659 Researchers from the OC Weekly DataLab interviewed 40 random Orange Countians for their French-fry preferencesand discovered-no surprise here-that their tastes ranged from the reasonable-but-predictable (In-N-Out racked up 60 percent of the vote) to the downright appalling (McDonald's and Burger King, each with 20 percent). Asked for their preferences, 40 Weekly readers offered as alternatives the fries at Morton's of Chicago (Santa Ana), Omelette Parlor (Costa Mesa) and Steelhead Brewery (Irvine).

1660 The dripping-bowl fountainsin the lobby of the Huntington Beach Library.

1661 "I have just read the story of a pair of multitalented criminals. They deserve about two days of investigation, a half-hour trial, and execution within a week. Where is Dirty Harry when we need him?" Letter to the Register, Jan. 24, 1994.

1662 Jonee, the blond exotic dancer at California Girls, the High Priestess of Hot, whose curves could kill a weak-hearted man. And if those don't get him, her switchblade smile will. 1109 N. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, (714) 554-0491.

1663 Oak CanyonNature Center. If this rustic, riparian respite in Anaheim Hills were any more natural, it would be clothing-optional. 6700 E. Walnut Canyon Rd., Anaheim, (714) 998-8380.

1664The power of a beach fireto break down a woman's resolve.

1665 Clothing optional.

1666 Elvis Pink Cadillac Margaritas at Azteca/Crooner's Lounge. Specialty of the house at this Mexican restaurant that doubles as a shrine to Elvis Aron Presley. The drink, a pinkish twist on your traditional Cadillac margarita, includes Cuervo tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour, cranberry juice, and Grand Marnier. Thank you, thankyouverymuch. 12911 Main St., Garden Grove, (714) 638-3790.

1667 Viewing original Bugs Bunny prints as art at the Chuck Jones Studio Gallery. 225 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach, (949) 494-6896.

1668 Ron Packard's annual tradition of playing Santafor underprivileged developers and military contractors.

1670 Mock it though we must, Pageant of the Masters is really pretty cool.

1671 Farmer Dave, Placentia. How can you not love a man known to locals only as Farmer Dave? His grassy oasis-a sliver of forest and garden plots amid an endless sea of housing tracts on Kraemer Boulevard-is the spot to go for farm-fresh produce and seasonal goodies such as sunflowers, pumpkins and Christmas trees. Adding to the charm, Farmer Dave's place hosts children's birthday parties and plays such as Snow White. So sweet.

1672-1720Each of the 49 months since No Doubt released Tragic Kingdom.

1721-1818 The 98 times Gwen Stefani has appeared in Rolling Stone's Random Notes in that time, usually for reasons other than music.

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