Guilty Pleasures


1883 H. Arthur Taussig, an Orange Coast College professor who dissects films with a vivisectionist's glee, exposing layers of meaning that you (and probably the filmmakers) never would have imagined were there.

1884 Monsters in Motion, a gallery/ store featuring all of your favorite spacemen, werewolves and bloodsucking freaks, some of 'em life-size! Eek! 330 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Ste. H, Placentia, (714) 577-8863.

1885 The sundry boatsmoored in Newport Harbor-especially the rockin' ones.

1886 Seal Beach Family Medical. Not only cheap enough for even us uninsured folk to afford, but also nice enough to offer walk-in appointments on weeknights and weekends. Did we mention they're sweet as pie? 1198 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., Seal Beach, (562) 799-7071.

1887 Playing a pickup game of hoopsat Main Beach in Laguna Beach.

1888 Standing in line at the Lucky's checkout counter next to Dennis Rodman.

1889 Although the Irvine Barclay Theatre, Brea's Curtis Theatre and the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts don't produce their own shows, the variety and high level of all three venues' programming choices are rather eye-opening these days.

1890 Figurative-landscape artist and Newport Beach resident Tim Spaulding, a beacon of persistence and integrity.

1891 Miss October from the Pleasure Company ad, seen in these pages.

1892 The pervasive display of monstrous sea creatures at the Balboa Saloon, especially the swordfish, great white and hammerhead sharks, glazed and wide-mouthed . . . forever beached and mounted, thanks to their taxidermist. 700 E. Bay Ave., Balboa Peninsula, (949) 673-9783.

1893 A combustive drum solo by straight-ahead beatist Jimmy Ford.

1894 Orange County Peace Coalition, a recently formed alliance of OC's Catholic Worker, Unitarian Society, Veterans for Peace, Green and Libertarian parties, and others. It had the guts to line Bristol Street near South Coast Plaza and demonstrate against NATO intervention and U.S. tax dollars for wars in Iraq and Yugoslavia.

1895 California Native Plant Society's Orange County chapter, dedicated to planting what's left of open space-like your front yard-with the plants that belong there.

1896 Interplay's Carmageddon-the game deemed Too Violent for British People-is still the best way to vicariously enjoy the pleasure of mowing down little old ladies and helpless cows, à la Death Race 2000, while cackling insanely. Try it after your next long, nightmarish, courtesy-of-Caltrans commute, and see if you don't feel those homicidal urges just melting away. And they say video games causeviolence.

1897 Dizz's cioppino. 2794 S. Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, (949) 494-5250.

1898 Rich Kane, the greatest rock & roller of them all.

1899 Hey, Kane! Stay the hell away from the "Best of . . ." computer!

1900 Michael Nash is why you pay more to get your hair cut: he's brutally honest and reads the heavyweights, but favors the French existentialists. Especially awesome for redheads. Salon Gregorie's, 200 Newport Center Dr., Ste. 103, Newport Beach, (949) 644-6671.

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