Guilty Pleasures


1933 Brown's Flowers in Laguna Beach and Flower Warehouse in Costa Mesa: where men can buy low-cost, last-minute gifts.

1934 The self-absorbed fucks.

1935 "When I was a boy, America was a beautiful place to live. We had no gang wars, divorces, welfare [or] abortions, and sex outside of marriage was illegal. Since then, we have let the American Civil Liberties Union kick God out of our schools and let the devil in. This can be changed. We have to amend the First Amendment so that the ACLU cannot use it to its advantage." Letter to the Register, Dec. 16, 1993.

1936-1965Each of the 30 references, on average, to bowel movements, feces, excrement, enemas and sundry waste-disposal issues to be found in any given Buddy Seigal music story.

1966The one that got edited out.

1967 N espacio alternativois the best and coolest Latin rock, art and culture Spanish-language magazine. Xosue Meneses and company challenge an audience with daring open-mindedness and intelligence. The magazine features alternative bands not covered by other publications and also recommends other Latino periodicals. Made 100 percent in the city of Orange.

1968 Freddie Brooks: this guy comes from out of nowhere (well, Costa Mesa, actually) with One Little Word, a self-released debut CD that is a strong contender for best blues album of the year-and we're speaking in worldwide terms here, not just local. With writing skills to make Lieber/Stoller and Doc Pomus proud, harpsmanship so speedy and sly it induces involuntary toe-tappin', and a West Coast blues vibe from the Harman school-only turned way past 11-Mr. Brooks cooks hooks that look to carry him into the books (sorry).

1969 Silk Thai's red, brown, green or yellow curries. 19690 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, (714) 964-1151.

1970 Flirtingwith the waitress/daughters at Side Street Cafe (a true family business). 1799 Newport Blvd., Ste. A-105, Costa Mesa, (949) 650-1986.

1971 No Graceland!

1972 Garden of Eden AdultBook Store. 12061 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, (714) 534-9805.

1973 Joey Racano. Huntington's his current base, but the highways and railways of the nation have been his home. If any local musician can rightfully claim to have lived the blues, it's Joey Racano, who comes from the hard-livin' tradition of the noble hobo. His style is a unique blend of East Coast Italian-American Tin Pan Alley cool mixed with down-home, gutbucket country blues, and the remarkable Racano spends his gifts for tuneage on environmental and animal-rights causes more than for his own wallet. Racano's first CD should be hitting the streets right about the time you're reading this.

1974 The '70s crowd at Madeleine'sin Costa Mesa. They're not retro; they just haven't purchased new clothes since high school.

1975 Macho Nachos at Fresca's. 20060 Santa Ana Ave., Santa Ana, (714) 557-6822.

1978 Norm & Marty at Mesa West GermanRepair-good guys, great service, not a rip-off. 1654 Babcock, Costa Mesa, (714) 645-2374.

1979 The pros in thigh-high vinyl boots working Club Rubber at the Galaxy Concert Theatre. They have some bodies on them! 3503 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, (714) 957-1133.

1980 Valerie Mitchell's homemade ginger peach preserves are exquisite. She sells them at OC Certified Farmer's Markets. For market locations and hours, call the Orange County Farm Bureau at (714) 573-0374.

1981 Jakarta native Richard at Shiki performs his teppan chef act like Animal in the Muppets' percussion section crossed with Bruce Lee. 1936 E. Katella Ave., Orange, (714) 633-1765.

1982 Outer Limits Tattoo Parlour. Kari Barba's award-winning designs are a sure bet for the convict or porn star. 3024 W. Ball Rd., Anaheim, (714) 761-8288.

1983 Topped with berry-infused butter and maple syrup, the lemon ricotta pancakes at Madison Square and Garden Café are the creamiest, moistest flap jaquelines in town. 320 N. Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, (949) 494-0137.

1984 Troy Percival's chin music.

1985 The Orange County MiningCo. serves up the juiciest piece of flesh around with a salad bar of equal stature. The variety of choice meats is enhanced by the beauty of the windowed walls that allow you to watch the hazy sunset over Orange County and the Southland. 10000 Crawford Canyon Rd., Santa Ana, (714) 997-7411.

1986 The alcohol-fueled fightsthat roll-yes, roll-out of Cassidy's on Saturday nights. 2603 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, (949) 675-8949.

1987 Nothing Shocking: all aboard for puncture junction! 519 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, (714) 744-8288.

1988 The always courteous, always helpful staff at Sid's.

1989 Unless you call them on the phone.

1990 "Hello."

1991 "Hi, Could you give me directions?"

1992 "No."

1993 "Huh?"

1994 "No directions."

1995 "Is this Sid's steakhouse?"

1996 "Do you want the address?"

1997 "Okay."

1998 "445 Old Newport Rd."

1999 Click . . .

2000 "Just what is there to save our land from the fiery judgment that is coming?" Letter to the Register, May 23, 1996.

(Mmmmm . . . traffic.)

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