Guilty Pleasures


184 . . . Sorry, nature called.

185 The Tuesday-night all-you-can-eat spaghetti and pizza special at Numero Uno Pizza. 8863 Adams, Huntington Beach, (714) 964-5926.

186 Looking at the Dolphin Fountain at Kraemer Memorial Park, miles and miles from the ocean, and just wondering: Why? 201 N. Bradford Ave., Placentia.

187A couple dozen little hot dogs with legs waddle to the finish line in Huntington Beach on Sundays. Dachshund Raceshappen in the Old World Village Oct. 17 and 31, the latter with costumes. 7561 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach. (714) 898-5111.

188 Orange groves. . . wait . . .

189 Eyebrow waxing at the serene and olfactorily pleasing Trompe L'Oeil Cosmetiques. Paying good money to have your eyebrows lovingly yanked off your face is always a good time, and Jill Markowicz-eyebrow shaper/makeup artist extraordinaire-is particularly adept at executing the follicular siege. 700 Carnation Ave., Corona del Mar, (949) 675-2024.

190 Orange County Superior Courthouse in Santa Ana: best place to make an appointment for a free tattoo removal from Judge Gary P. Ryan. 700 Civic Center Dr. W., Santa Ana.

191 San Joaquin Marsh in Irvine: as close as we get to doing the right thing with treated wastewater.

192 We're the only place in America where small children are subjected to Richard Henry Dana Jr.'s Two Years Before the Mast for its brief and none-too-illuminating remarks about life in 19th-century Southern California.

193Those arousingconcrete-pylon phalluses sticking up out of the ground on the corner of Chapman Avenue and Lemon in Fullerton.

194 Huntington Beach affords untold opportunities to marine microbiologists.

195 Laguna Woods. Viagra. We know there's a joke in there somewhere.

196 Southwind Kayak Center. This place has everything for the kayaker-kayaks, paddles, clothing, lessons, advice. 17855 Skypark Circle, Ste. A, Irvine, (949) 261-0200.

197 The Orange County Young Republicans' Web site: mean, nasty, merciless toward their enemies and yet not without a sense of humor. You'd almost think they had been reading the Weekly.

198 The car vacuumat Joe's Shell station in Orange. Drop your three quarters in and get a few minutes of pure industrial suction. 914 E. Chapman, Orange, (714) 532-3966.

199 Jon's Coffeeshop for its diverse clientele-Asian, Latino and Anglo. Big pancakes, big steaks, big food: eats are plentiful, tasty and cheap. The genuinely friendly and efficient waitresses are the real thing. You may be able to get better coffee or trendier food elsewhere, but you can't get better than Jon's. 9062 Trask Ave Garden Grove, (714) 989-7044.

200 Sam Guy for having the guts to speak the plain truth. In your heart, you know he's right.

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