Hes Frickin Tony Hawk!

Skatings poster boy comes in for a soft landing

Actually, there's a certain age group that he's trying to reach that he can't with his other magazines. [Big Brother editor] Dave Carnie told me that Flynt turns them down all the time when they try to push the envelope. They used to run full nudity before Flynt bought them.

How surprised were you by the success ofThe End?

We expected it to do well. It was hard to make because we were so all over the place. I had a lot of ideas and wanted to do a lot of stuff creatively that we couldn't do. Some stuff was just too gnarly. We went back and forth with what we wanted to do. We were going to make a G-rated version and another version, but it was just too much effort. We toned it down a little bit, but there was a point when we had to say, 'Look, this isn't for little kids.' Our team is so creative that it's hard to tell them no. Especially Jeremy [Klein]. Half the time, they wouldn't even tell us what they were going to do. We would have told them they couldn't jump off the pier on fire. But they had already done it. We had the footage. There was stuff they did that didn't make it to the movie that was crazy.

One thing that made it was Steve Berra getting decapitated. If that made it, what didn't?

Ireally can't talk about that. They did some damage.

What would you have done if you hadn't been able to make a career out of skateboarding.?

Man, I probably would have ended up being a computer geek. That's what I do in my spare time. I love working on the Web site—it's like mine and my friends' lemonade stand. I can't imagine having a regular job.

What do you see yourself doing now besides skating at shows and demos?

I'm going to work more with the team. I'm trying to keep some community within our team. Everyone lives all over, which is okay, but I would still like to see the group get to hang out more together. I would like to set up a tour. I'm working on that. There's the Web site. And I always have little projects I do. Plus, the video game.

Now that you've done the 900, how do you top that?

There're some tricks that I've wanted to pursue, but nothing I'm going to kill myself over. There's a point you reach when you have to say to yourself that I'm going to put it down and deal with the consequences, or wake up in the hospital if I don't make it. There've only been three times that I've really stuck it. One time, I cracked my rib. Another time, I wrecked my back. And there've been a few knockouts. It's a rite of passage. I used to take the risks a lot lighter. That's how I lost my front teeth; I've knocked them out four times.

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