The Punkiest Man in Punk

Lee Ving. Fear him


Did you study opera?


Are you a Nazi?

Absolutely not. Nazis suck.

I think people got that idea because of that logo you had with the eagle.

That's their problem. It's two F's. It has nothing to do with the German Army. Our boys went over and stomped them out. I have no allegiance to the enemy or all the shit they stood for. It's all bullshit, every bit of it.

Are you related to Dead End Kid . . .

. . . Leo Gorcey.

Yeah, that's it.


Oh, so that's the one you're related to?

He's the one.

How are you related?

[Pause, and then in a soft voice] It's a long story. Let's just say we were kin, and he's my main musical influence.

He was a musician?

It's a little-known fact.

I loved those movies as a kid.

So did I.

Does anything piss you off these days?

Sure, lots of stuff.

Like what?

How much time do you have?

It's a slow news day.

The fact that they let that scumbag O.J. Simpson walk the same Earth as you and I do. That that rich prick in Boulder, Colorado, murdered his beautiful little girl and is walking the same Earth as you and I.

Anything else?

That they continue busing kids to schools that are out of their neighborhoods so they spend all day on the bus—in a strange neighborhood—instead of learning.

I would think that Fear would draw younger people instead of the people who saw you in the early '80s.

The audience seems to replenish itself. It's the same young faces.

Some guys from punk bands who played in the early '80s will say the young people today don't understand what it was to be punk back then.

I don't know if that's true. I do know that young people who play punk now don't play similarly. It all seems like a formula, like popular radio music, which is what this music stood against.

It's like KROQ, which used to operate like an independent station, and now it's like, I dunno, Top 40.

Yeah, like when we used go down there and buy our way onto the air with whisky, beer and hamburgers. We'd bring a couple of Big Macs, some large fries, and a pint of Jack Daniels because they didn't pay their DJs. And there we were: live on KROQ.

Fear plays with Union 13 and Wash at the Foothill, 1922 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill, (562) 494-5196. Fri., 9 p.m. $12. 18+.
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