Galaxy Girl

And the New Irvine Order

Luckily, the Irvine Co. was in the house, making for one of those very tense and still gracious political situations, like when we run into "Democratic" Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and she graciously doesn't punch us in the throat. The Irvine Co. rep was very funny, too, saying he hadn't wanted to depress attendance at the fund-raiser and so he'd kept his attendance a secret. "I only told one person," he said dryly. "I left a voice mail with Dave Christensen." Ho, ho, ho, hee. (If you don't get that joke, you don't go to enough Irvine City Council meetings, which are the most fun council meetings going since Santa Ana City Councilman Ted Morenowas indicted on nearly a dozen counts of bribery, extortion and a host of campaign-finance violations. See, Irvine Mayor Christina Sheahas a daughter who got popped for possession of meth, and then Shea had a meltdown during which she voice mailed Christensen messages accusing Agran of all kinds of bad, cabalistic type things, and Christensen leaked her voice mail all over the place, and last we heard, Agran's suing. He does that.) But we're just wondering: Larry, what are you doing taking contributions from the Irvine Co.? Didn't you once run people out of town on a rail for doing the same thing? It's times like these we're glad we held that little coup and named ourselves "Orange County's Best Citizen" even though you had five votes and we only had three (or was it two?). None of our votes came from the Irvine Co.!

On Sunday night, we headed back to the Galaxy for Wayne "The Train" Hancock, straight from Austin, Texas, and we promptly fell asleep on the very comfortable couch backstage, having been up till all hours the night before at the Thousand Oaks Denny's, waiting for people we knew to traipse in. Apparently, though, we've been gone too long. See what we do for you people?

But although we got to see Big Sandy's Robert, whom we haven't run into since the last time BR-549was in town, and Chuckie the swing-dancing former federal bounty hunter, the Train was a little bit of a letdown. Sure, he still sounds just like Hank Williams Sr., and, yes, he and his band were wearing Hawaiian shirts as though they're running for election to replace Jimmy Buffettas president and cabinet of Margaritaville. But we actually preferred the middle act, the Graveyard Farmers, who reminded us of a friend's old band, Ghoul Brynner. The Train seemed a little out of steam. If only he'd had Chris and Peggy Mears there! He would have perked right up, we're sure!

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