Small, Fuzzy Justice

Lies, corruption and a sock-stealing house pet

Unfortunately, Johnston seems unwilling to even hear the issue, and the CDFG and its related California Fish & Game Commission (CFGC) would apparently rather spend big bucks keeping the animals illegal. A representative from Wolcott, New York-based Marshall's Ferrets, the largest breeder of ferrets in America and the manufacturer of the country's top-selling ferret food, figures that the CFGC spent at least $200,000 fighting a lawsuit brought by Marshall's to challenge the state's ferret policy. A court ruled for Marshall's, but the CFGC has appealed the decision. The appeal will be heard early next year.

"They're only concerned with their egos," charged Carley, the activist who first dug up the agency's report. "If the decision is upheld, they'll be forced to hold public hearings as to whether this is a wild or domestic animal. If it's domestic, they'll have a heck of a time keeping it on the prohibited list. If they find it to be wild, they may as well legislate that water runs uphill."

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