Loving Lost Labors

Hurray for the four-day holiday!

7. See next week's art column.

8. The average patron at Koo's is approximately 16 years old. For a bunch of 16-year-olds, they have awfully good skin and an awful lot of neck tattoos. They look like very nice kids, and we have decided not to fear for the future. We have also decided to wear lots of silver in honor of the millennium, as silver is a very futuristic color, but the two things are completely unrelated. We've decided some other stuff, too, which we may add in to later footnotes if we can think of them.

9. Wilder gets really pissy if you call graffiti artists "taggers" because "taggers" connotes something negative. We are in a good mood today and will abide by his request. We love graffiti art. We also love tagging.

10. Ramos has ridiculously huge guns for a man of his size. Huge! His hair is also big, though not nearly as big as his biceps.

11. Dave Alvin is one of the premier singer/songwriters in the nation, as well as our personal friend. He will perform at the San Diego Street Scene on Saturday. You should probably go see him.

12. As we were pulling out, two cars almost crashed while trying to get into our spot. Neither of them would back down, and it likely came to fisticuffs. Men!

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