Life Moves Fast

The Pressure cope with catastrophe

There's some talk of putting together a benefit show (Thornberry has no medical insurance), though nothing has been set as of press time.

During our meeting, Washburn and James are understandably somber, not only about Thornberry's condition, but also about the future of the Pressure, whenever the topic is brought up. It's sadly telling that they sometimes speak of the band in the past tense, though both remain hopeful that their other third will eventually rejoin them.

"If Jason comes back, so will the Pressure," Washburn says. "But if it's going to be a while, we may end up having to play with someone else to promote the record because we owe something to the person who put it out. But if Jason doesn't play the drums again, the Pressure's done. That's it. It won't go on without him. Me and Dana will still play music together; we'll start something new, and it'll be something totally different. New name, new direction, new everything. With the Pressure, it's either us three, or it's not."

A planned release-party show for Things Move Fast at the Glass House in Pomona had to be postponed indefinitely, and the pair have canceled other promotional gigs, such as radio-station appearances and print interviews.

Other problems appeared in the wake of Thornberry's absence—financial problems, for example. James, Washburn and Thornberry all live together in a cramped studio apartment in Costa Mesa in order to save money for important band stuff like fliers, mailing lists and gear. They also recently bought a van to haul equipment around that has monthly payments attached to it.

"It's going to be a struggle," says Washburn. "But it'll work itself out. We came really close this month to losing the apartment. Our whole existence was based on Jason being a third of us, and now he's not. So we're going to have to juggle cash a bit more. It'll be pretty hard keeping things afloat, but it'll even out, and we'll make it work. You have to be positive or else you could be just destroyed."

"We'll be all right," says James. "It's a learning experience, at least. What doesn't kill you will just make you stronger. But we don't care about the band as much as we care about Jason."

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