The Commie Girl Guide to Club Etiquette

And its about time!

But the Family Research Council? They're really not very nice people. And they don't dress very well, either.

Aside from a nattily dressed Jim Toledano—former local head of the Democratic Party whose name tag waggishly proclaimed, "No Comment"—we also spied violet-eyed activist Jeff Le Tourneauand met Susan, who is just about the sweetest lesbian on God's green Earth and was getting mocked mercilessly by a couple of bitchy queens for having brought Schlitz malt liquor and rose wine to the last meeting in her capacity as food person. We would have drunk the Schlitz, Susan! But not the rose. . . .

For more information on the effort to stop the Knight Initiative, check out Donations can be sent to Californians for Fairness, 505 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105. No pipe bombs, please. And if you—yeah, I'm talking to you—are going to send love letters to, you should probably include a picture.
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