Sneak peeks at a season of theater that is breathtaking, passionate, entertaining!

Talk about eclectic. Three must-see shows at San Diego's downtown theater (blurb that!). Bandido is the return to the stage of Zoot Suit's Luis Valdez. It's about Tiburcio Vasquez, one of California's most infamous bandits and resistance fighters. Then there's D.W. Jacob's one-man show about utopian thinker Buckminster Fuller—intriguing both for its fascinating subject matter and for the guy who will perform the role: Ron Campbell. But the show that already has us buying sheets and scouring the streets for green bud is Celebration of the Lizard, based on the music of the Doors.

BLURB-O-MATIC: Joel Beers of the OC Weekly says, "Break on through to marvelous entertainment! Wake up, grab a beer and drive to San Diego because this show will really light your fire! You'll want to sleep all night in this soul kitchen!" Sledgehammer Theatre The Sites of Blood (Feb. 6-27)

San Diego's premier experimental venue has a typically fascinating season in the works. Based on Aeschylus' The Oresteia, The Sites of Blood is a tale of one of literature's bloodiest families. Looks like a certifiable keeper.

BLURB-O-MATIC:Joel Beers of the OC Weekly says, "Bring the kids! Dad gets axed! Mom gets waxed! Plagues, ghosts and furies! Patricide and matricide have never been this groovy!"
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