Freeway Fliers

Life in the fast lane brings little reward for part-time teachers

Moreover, no matter how many part-time jobs they work, freeway fliers like Evans are ineligible for the job benefits available to full-time teachers. "A typical full-time instructor only spends about 15 hours a week in the classroom," explained Evans. "But they get paid for office hours and staff meetings. I get no health benefits, insurance or vacation. I get sick pay and that's about it."

"The school claims that they pay more than other districts, but that isn't true," concluded Jim Holway, a part-time teacher at Rancho Santiago and CEFA shop steward. "The fact is they just won't give us a raise. There really isn't even a discussion. At least from my viewpoint, there ought to be a justification for why they won't do it. We are qualified instructors, and most of us already have our master's degrees. They're dealing with professional people in a very unprofessional way."

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