On the cover it read, "Have a Good Breakfast Before Going to Graduation." I opened the card, and it showed an open refrigerator filled top to bottom with Coors beer. I nearly exploded!

I immediately insisted the cards be removed from the shelf and threatened a boycott if they sold another one of those cards. I proceeded to go to all the stores in our village that sold cards and did the same. I had a few women go around the following day to check and make certain that card was nowhere in sight. But imagine all the stores throughout the county that were selling that card.

To this day, neither I nor the people I tell this to will buy Coors beer. I regret your exposure to Coors.

—Florence J. Paul, Santa Ana The editors respond: Thanks for your unflinching support of gay rights, Flo! HEDY TIMES

Interesting article by Anthony Pignataro on the teen strategy for sneaking into R-rated flicks ("Box-Office Bingo," July 30). In my day, ticket takers were less vigilant. One Saturday afternoon, at age 7, a few of us shoeshine lads were allowed entry at the old Joy in the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles for only 10 cents to see Ecstacy featuring Hedy Lamarr. I have always wondered what rating it would have received and what reviews it would have garnered from the likes of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

Anyway, we saw it four times. We asked for a partial refund since we never saw the second feature announced on the marquee: For Adults Only. Memories!

—Val Rodriguez, Signal Hill Mickey the mailroom employee responds: Shoeshine lads? The old Joy? Taking Ecstacy with this Hedy person? Dude, you're blazing right now! BATHE IN OUR SWAK

Re: the crybaby music editor for the OC Weekly:

It has been made very clear that the OC Weekly has nothing to offer the OC music scene. If I want to know who's hot, I won't ever find out by reading your amateur swak. All I ask is that you hire someone who really knows, like Linda Jemison or Randy Cash. At least they have the knowledge of what's going on.

Who cares about emo, underground, non-rock-star pop? The OC Weekly should take a SERVAY [sic] and see what your readers think. Then get a music editor who likes all forms of popular and alternative music, and the editorial would be on how good the music is, not how some DORK hates Angry White Rap (Rich Kane's "Invasion of the Angry White Rappers!" July 9).

—Devin Torrez, Irvine Rich Kane responds: Deer [sic] Devun [sic], So we should hire club owners and promoters to write about bands they work with? Great idea! Hell, maybe we should let bands write their own articles about themselves! We hereby deem this new policy "pay-to-plug!" If you're in a band, please submit $5,000 (twenties only, please) to Rich Kane, c/oOC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. And what is this "swak"? Is it something you smoked before you wrote this letter? Go away. JARHEADS LOVE OUR HEAD

On behalf of the Marines of Orange and Los Angeles counties, I would like to thank [OC Weekly editor] Will Swaim for the service he provides to the citizens of our communities. The Marines are willing, if needed, to assist Swaim in any way possible.

As you know, today's young people face many important choices concerning education, gangs, drugs and an array of other obstacles. The Marines seek those individuals who strive to be successful and provide them the education, job skills and leadership traits necessary for advancement in today's competitive job market.

Our mission is to identify today's youth for transformation into tomorrow's leaders. We are not asking these young men and women to make the Marine Corps a career but rather four years of their life with which to instill the positive attributes that are associated with the Marine Corps. These youngsters will then return to your communities as productive citizens and positive role models for the next generation.

—Brett W. Beard, Marketing and PR Specialist, United States Marine Corps, Irvine

Congressman Tom Davis has announced that Mr. Will Swaim has been selected to receive the Republican Congressional Medal of Merit presented by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Mr. Will Swaim received the award for serving as a co-chairman of the Committee's Business Advisory Council. The council was instrumental in passing legislation that has led to the current federal budget surplus.

In making the announcement, Congressman Tom Davis, who serves as the chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee, said, "We are grateful for all of Mr. Will Swaim [sic] support of Republican ideals, particularly for his commitment to federal spending cuts and tax reform."

Mr. Will Swaim and the Business Advisory Council are expected to play a key role as House Republicans try to pass a major tax package into law.

Mr. Swaim will receive the Medal of Merit at a formal presentation ceremony in Washington, D.C., later this year.

—Tom Davis, Member of Congress, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Swaim,

The preceding fax is incorrect and was sent in error yesterday. We will re-fax corrected copy tomorrow. We made an unfortunate mistake by including your name and apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

—Tom Davis, Member of Congress, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, Washington, D.C.
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