Your Name Here!

In which our Heroine sells her Soul for a crust of Bread

On Monday, we hopped down to our own Weekly Cafe in Long Beach's Marina Pacifica Mall, planning to excoriate it for you as the essence of corporate Lame. And in fact, at the back of the Tower/Good Guys multimedia store, the cafť cowers under giant, futuristic Video Screens that hang over it like loud Smog over Anaheim. There is no better Metaphor for corporate, Big Brother Terror—like when Microsoft announced its deal with Steve Jobs, who stood at a Podium under a hundred-foot-tall slavering Bill Gates.

In Fact—and, yes, we say so ourselves—the Weekly Cafe is a delightful space that lets one burn one's tapes onto CDs for free, allows free Internet and Web TV access, and does some other Things, as well as serving Sandwiches and Salads and a fine Espresso. The Weekly Cafe is brought to you by the OC Weekly and the LA Weekly, its Sister Publication in the global Stern Publishing Empire, which is brought to you by Hartz Mountain Pet Supplies, which is brought to you by Leonard Stern and God.

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