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Re: "Behind-the-Scenes Ties Between El Toro Airport Supporters and the County's Biggest Anti-Airport Groups Have to Make You Wonder: This Is War?" (Cover Story, July 30):

Thank you, R. Scott Moxley, for a beautiful piece of investigative reporting. There are some strange bedfellows down here in South Orange County. You have done a great service to those of us who cannot tolerate the thought of a 24-hours-per-day airport over our heads.

You are right on when you say, "It's a weird one." Hunter S. Thompson (a weird one himself) states, "When the going gets weird . . . the weird turn pro." It appears that we are well beyond that.

—Don Duca, Laguna Niguel

Congratulations on your blockbuster exposť of the hanky-panky between some of TRP's self-appointed leaders. TRP is not a membership organization. It has thousands of donors, including the Leisure World governing boards and directors who are being sued by George Argyros for giving TRP $542,000 for the failed Measure S campaign. I have never been invited to a membership meeting at which officers are nominated and elected, although I have made several contributions. Who elected Bill Kogerman executive director?

In any event, your eye-opening story should clear the air and make it possible for us to coalesce into a solid united front to fight the proposed El Toro International Airport. This fight has nothing to do with political partisanship. It has brought together people who range from ardent Larry Agran supporters to the furthest right wing of the Republican Party. TRP's meddling in Dana Point city issues is unacceptable. Let's hope your story will get us all back on track in the life-or-death struggle to stop a huge, international, commercial-cargo airport at El Toro.

Leading the fight is the El Toro Reuse Planning Authority (ETRPA). We believe and hope ETRPA is united in its efforts to stop the airport and that it will prevail. Thank goodness for the OC Weekly and Anthony Pignataro's El Toro Airport Watch.

—Dave Blodgett, Laguna Woods

I am an endangered species—a Democrat and a card-carrying member of the ACLU living in gate-guarded Monarch Bay. As you might expect, I think the OC Weekly is a great publication. I pick it up for free, but I will gladly subscribe if you want me to. With that background, let me tell you why I respectfully disagree with Mr. Moxley's premise.

The basic assumption of the article is that there is something nefarious about the fact that there are many pro-Headlands-development enthusiasts in the anti-airport movement. I do not find the connection to be sinister or even surprising. My best friend back to my college days (Stanford '49) and I argue heatedly about almost all political and social issues. He likes Rush Limbaugh, and I listen to Don Imus. We have been shouting at each other for more than 50 years, and we are still best friends.

Tristan Krogius is also a friend of mine, but in my opinion, he is dead wrong about the Headlands. I still have a "Save the Headlands" bumper sticker on my car, and I'm proud of it. Nuts to Tris on that one. But I agree with him on the airport.

The TRP editorial about the Headlands was foolish, and it's too bad that Bill Kogerman has so much trouble saying, "I'm sorry." But would it make any difference to me if TRP had come out for George Dubbya or, heaven forbid, Dan Quayle? Would that induce me to petulantly abandon my support of TRP on the airport issue?

I have learned well in my threescore and 10-plus years that the clichť "The friend of my enemy is my enemy" is simply not true. Mr. Moxley seems to disagree, but then, he's still young.

Finally, in order to avoid another investigative scoop for Mr. Moxley, permit me to disclose that Councilman Wayne Rayfield is my brother-in-law. Wayne and I may not always agree, but I can assure everyone that he has no hidden agenda on the Headlands, and his efforts to mediate the dispute should not be maligned by innuendo.

—Charles E. McClung, Dana Point R. Scott Moxley responds: McClung lives in an odd world, where friendships work this way: publicly, you denounce one another as scoundrels; privately, you work out deals on controversial land-development deals. That sort of "friendship" was amply illustrated by TRP's bizarre decision to insert itself into the controversy over the Dana Point Headlands development—just after the project's Newport Beach developers gave the group $5,800. WHAT THE BUZZ IS ABOUT

Re: Steve Lowery's piece on Buzz Aldrin ("One Mall Step," July 23):

I have to express my astonishment at the article's disrespectfulness. While I normally admire, even treasure, your publication's independent thinking and fearlessness in attacking popular sentiment, this criticism of the Nixon Library's commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11 and of Aldrin personally was ignorant and way out of line.

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