Sex and the Sinner Girl

Humorless feminist just says no to strippers and porn stars

Finally, we hit the grand opening of Club X at Tustin's The Barn. Iman, the promoter and president of Club X Records, had asked us to stop by and listen to the new single, "Y2K." Here is an excerpt from the message he left on our voice mail: "It's going to be huge; it could be on the level of Ricky Martin. . . . It's called 'Y2K,' so it will get a lot of publicity and a lot of promotion with all the news coverage of Y2K." Now, why didn't we think of that?

The coolest part of Club X is that it is all Persian, all the time. When's the last time you were surrounded by 300 Persian peeps? We never had been—and it's a testament to how subtly we self-segregate that it never even occurred to us to wonder where Persian people go on their off time. We talked to a group of nice young guys—Human, Human, Reza and Patrick—who said they came down from the Valley to represent and show some support, but then they asked, "What the hell is Y2K?" The answer, per the single, is"Y2K: It's okay!" And then they laughed and laughed. And though we saw several Porsches, we saw no porn stars. Or fluffers. We highly recommend Club X. Go out and mix it up, party people.

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