Selling Out

Its a witness and a hoot

Yeah . . . stupid.

So you really believe that capitalism properly regulated while allowed to run rampant is the answer to and the cause of all the world's problems? That hidden in corporate-sponsored schools and Olympics and Surf City, USA, are the seeds of our destruction and salvation?

What? Uh, no thanks; I'm not hungry. Listen, this "spew" thing with the vomit —you haven't mentioned that to anyone, have you?

Well, no. Why?

No reason. It was stupid, wasn't it?

I must admit I'm a little confused and troubled by what you're saying. You quote the Bible in your books and in your comments, but didn't Christ say, "You cannot serve God and mammon?"

Absolutely. And we acknowledge and honor that at GuyCo. That's why we're strictly a cash operation. It says in our catalog: "Personal checks, American Express and mammon not accepted." You see, that's all you have to do is study your Bible. If you're worried about corporate sponsorship of schools, cities, quilting bees, whatever, take solace in the fact that Revelation's message has never changed. That one day 144,000 chosen ones, "wearing white robes," will be taken up to heaven. All this other stuff doesn't matter. People should remember that one day, through compassion, love and adherence to God's law, they may, as the Good Book says, "stand before Him on the last day and every day before the last day, radiant in a white robe."

And that's from Revelation?

No, it's the GuyCo catalog description of our new Revelation Robe and Lounging Gown: "100 percent cotton and priced to move. Feel like 144,000 for just $59.95. Also available in Seraphim Blue, Blood of the Lamb Red and Taupe."

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