Search your heart, my friends. Don't allow the evil that surrounds this present age to destroy you.

—John Chandler, Orange

P.S. Please excuse the informal format. I am currently living in a shelter with my family until we can become re-established in Orange County.


Here's one more reason for ending the drug war: the participants in the original Woodstock were too stoned to riot. Then again, suppose Sheryl Crow had shown up at the original instead of Janis Joplin? Some outrages are so great that no medicinal herb—no matter how powerful—can quell them.

And will this mean no Euro-Woodstock?

—Tom Hartley, via e-mail PLEASE HOLD Editor's note: In our July 16 issue, our anonymous "Hey, You" contributor pointed out his difficulties with the cell-phone-capable world. We received millions of supportive letters, including the following:

Perhaps a perfect follow-up or inclusion to your article would be to check out www.nocarphone.com. It's a great idea, but then, of course, it is mine.

—John Dakins, Webmaster@nocarphone.com
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