Subcomandante Martin

Anaheim high school prez Harald Martin wants Mexico to paybut he cant add

Coronado has promised to hold a series of public forums on the issue, but Martin has already received a taste of how the community feels about his idea. At a July 15 board meeting, 34 Spanish-speaking Anaheim residents threatened to sue Martin for harassment and intimidation stemming from his repeated attacks on "illegal aliens." Each lawsuit claims $5,000 in damages, totaling $170,000 in all. One of those plaintiffs is Josie Montoya, a leader of the Anaheim-based community group United Neighborhoods.

Montoya's legal strategy of suing Martin in small-claims court has been criticized by some members of the Latino community, including Nativo Lopez of the Santa Ana-based Hermandad Mexicana Nacional. At a July 21 meeting of Los Amigos, Lopez suggested instead a recall campaign. "I felt we had to act immediately," countered Montoya. "Now Martin has 34 separate lawsuits to respond to. If he doesn't show up in court, it's an automatic loss—$5,000 each time. The way we look at it, at least on those 34 days, he'll be too preoccupied to go around dreaming up any more of his little racist schemes."

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