Just Like Broccoli!

Wiskey Biscuit grows on us

They don't think they'll ever get a record deal, so they're producing an album in the basement—a.k.a. Mason's room. "But we only have an eight-track, and there're seven guys in the band, so we don't know where to put everything," said someone—we're not sure who. But even though they don't think they'll get a deal, they would still take one if someone offered. "I want a new guitar," Cairns said.

Now, instead of living in HB, where they were always getting picked on because they didn't play football or surf, they live in Silver Lake—where they're always getting picked on for being from OC! Keith Morris, of the Circle Jerks and Midget Handjob, washes dishes at Millie's Restaurant up the street. Mason imitates him hating the band: "'I hated your band, man,'" he drawls. "'But you're like broccoli. You learn to like you.'"

Wiskey Biscuit play with the Ziggens at the Foothill, 1922 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill, (562) 494-5196. Fri., 9 p.m. $8. 18+.
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