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Get your rock walls ready; only 5 months to the millennium

Do you love the Cupid's series as much as we do, with all the nekkid people and slutty girls gettin' on one another in the middle of the dance floor? Are you a swinger? Darrell and Gus will be giving it out at the Cupid's Mardi Gras-themed New Year's bash. As a good Catholic, we reminded them that Mardi Gras is actually the period before Lent (which itself precedes Easter), but they didn't care. So bring lots of beads and Brazilian masks and thongs (we don't care if it's cold; you think you can be fashionable and not suffer? Ha!). We'll say this for Cupid's: they really go out of their way to set the room up pretty (that would be the Boogie in Anaheim). Festive! Oh, and we forgot to ask how much tickets would be, or maybe we asked and they didn't yet know. Anyway, it's not in our notes. Call the club line at (714) 254-8074.

Hate all that stuff? Just want to go to your fave local bar and see some local bands and buy $5 bottles of champagne? Spend some quality time at Linda's Doll Hut—though not with Linda herself, as she'll probably be at home, "waiting for the lights to go out and the computer to explode." It's just a nice evening with friends at Linda's, as opposed to the all-out stiff competition elsewhere. "Generally, people come by throughout the evening on their way to other places and say hi. Hopefully, people will come and have a good time." Linda's club line is (714) 533-1286.

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