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Flat tax competes with big breasts on presidential-campaign site

Jonathan Silverstein, the president of Voice Media, couldn't confirm or deny whether Macros Corp. was a member of their click-through programs. "It's quite possible, but we've signed up more than 20,000 people over the past four years," he said. "Probably the person who owned the URL decided it was going to make them more money to send them to our site. That's not something we advise them to do, and it's not necessarily something we want them to do."

Silverstein admitted he was somewhat concerned over the possibility of his company's liability should the Forbes campaign decide to do something about the links. "In all honesty, I would be concerned," he said. "I don't like the idea of something like that happening. But there's nothing that we've said or done to facilitate it."

I'd like to tell you what the Siberians had to say about the situation, but unfortunately, they never responded to my e-mail. But they may be in a peck of trouble when Forbes' folks finally put their heads together.

Or perhaps we should look at it this way: here's some Russians, freshly out of decades of communism, using good old-fashioned ingenuity to market their wares and (presumably) earn a quick buck. Forbes should be proud.

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