Ethnic Cleansing

Anaheim redevelops away the poor

"We interviewed Section 8 families and actually found a case where the mom and dad were undocumented but the baby was a legal citizen," said Montoya. "They were receiving $12 per month. Giving a certificate to a family that is equivalent to one-sixth of the rent isn't a lot of help. For some reason, this project is directly costing Anaheim $54 million. Couldn't they set aside a couple of million dollars for relocation?"

The Anaheim City Council is scheduled to vote on the Jeffrey-Lynne Revitalization Project at its July 13 meeting. "We want them to delay the vote again," said Montoya. "We also want them to form an advisory committee made up of residents, property owners, community representatives and city staff to discuss the plan and how it will affect the residents of Jeffrey-Lynne. As it stands now, it's not acceptable to them."

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