Minor Celebrity

A Poormans wealth turns out to be measured in bikinis

Indeed, when the camera's off, the girls are by themselves, giggling about boys and hair and typical high school stuff. And in any case, Trenton has already lined up an impressive string of advertisers, including the Orange County Market Place, Diedrich Coffee, Wild Rivers and Rusty's Swimwear, which supplies the girls' bikinis.

"We've known each other a long time," said Troy Potts, head of TPA Media, which handles advertising for the Long Beach club Live Bait. "Hey, he's homegrown, so I thought, 'Why not?'"

A couple of hours before the basketball game, Potts directed a commercial for Live Bait on the sand in front of Trenton's house. As the girls pulled in their stomachs and pretended not to shiver in the freezing wind blowing off the water, Trenton stood between them wearing gray shorts, a bright orange shirt and a wide-brimmed blue hat. The commercial was for the club's "homemade" bikini contest every Sunday. It took 10 takes, with Trenton reading the copy directly off the script.

"Basically, he calls me whenever he needs money," Potts joked during the shoot. "We're committed for five weeks, but we'll probably stay with him through the year. Hopefully by then, he'll have some older talent."

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