I would like to applaud R. Scott Moxley for delivering his stinging kick in the crotch to the radical Religious Right ("Loathe Thy Enemy," June 4). Assholes such as Lou Sheldon and Rich Agozino have made my life hell since I was a boy.

I don't like liver; I hate even the smell of it. But it would be insane for me to infer that anyone who does eat liver should be killed. Moreover, the fact remains that despite anti-gay opposition to state laws protecting the rights of homosexuals, lesbians and gays are Americans, too.

In May 1999, I was sent with several other men from the Beacon House Association of San Pedro to provide volunteer help for the Long Beach Pride Festival and found no subversive activity. When the event was over, we found that Long Beach Pride had contributed to Beacon House's "guest room," which houses homeless alcoholic men who would otherwise be unable to enter a recovery facility in many cases. Sounds like something Jesus would do. I just can't picture him in camouflage fatigues, toting an AR-15 and hunting gays.

—Robert Stevens, San Pedro
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