The Shaq Trap

The Lakers are not going to win with Shaquille ONeal

And O'Neal's lack of passion for the game is palpable, rubbing off on teammates. In perhaps the most telling moment from last season, O'Neal, the Lakers' centerpiece player, said it didn't matter to him if the Lakers finished in fourth or fifth, just as long as his team made the playoffs. Can you ever, ever, imagine anything like that falling from Jordan's lips? From Jerry West's?

It would be better if he would leave. But it appears the Lakers are stuck with O'Neal. Stuck with a No. 1 offensive option who doesn't have a go-to offensive move save for knocking over someone and throwing up some slop. Stuck with a team leader who has no desire to lead and who attempts to hide his lack of passion for the game with post-dunk curses. A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Certainly not a championship. Nice.

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