Call Me Jesus Rasta

Black & White lively up yourself

You will also find that Chin plays guitar like a real mean son of a bitch, particularly when tearing into his reggae version of "Hey Joe" or the original instrumental "Michelle." Chin occasionally gets lost in grimacing metal land for a second before that Rasta look of peace and contentment comes over him again when the guitar solo ends.

Shreddage aside, Chin's music is dub-less, toast-less, raga-less, pop-less purebred roots reggae, with a heavy base in religious passion. How do local audiences, steeped in and apparently enjoying the most heinously trendy and commercial versions of reggae, react to the real thing?

"You know, most people are pretty cool," Chin coos. "All ages. They like it. Surfers to lawyers, they all like the messages I have. [Corporate reggae is] what they're used to, but they come up and tell me this is what they really like. It's as if they were settling for what they were given because they'd never heard real roots reggae before. At least no one was playing it out here [in OC]."

Not until now, Rascalin; not until now.

Black & White play at Twin Palms, 630 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, (949) 721-8288. Every Sun., 6 p.m. $5 (includes free buffet). All ages.
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