Viva Bob Dornan

What you can achieve if youre willing to offend everyone

But Alcaraz and company aren't resting on their laurels: they recently gave the Pocho site a much-needed redesign. Now the "All Pocho Network" offers weekly updates on issues of burning importance to Latinos. A recent article suggested that Wilson was the mastermind behind Slobodan Milosevic's program of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, using the lessons he learned chasing illegal immigrants out of California. Another hailed the opening of Latinoland, a new theme park aimed at Latino children that was built on the former site of a toxic chemicals factory.

Given that Alcaraz and Zul specialize in pissing people off, it's surprising that they didn't get a bigger reaction out of Dornan, a man not exactly known for keeping his temper. Did he ever even see the site?

"I don't have a bloody nose, so I guess he didn't see it," Alcaraz said. "Or his son."

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