Surf More

And use a kook cord!

Nealy continued to make improvements and to branch out. Some innovations were less successful than others: one surfer found himself unable to unsnap a new Nealy leash design and had to leave the water and hike across PCH—board attached—to the nearest surf shop to have the leash cut off.

There are now Surf More board waxes, board bags and a just-introduced waxless board as well as boogie-board wrist leashes and ankle leashes. But Nealy's first product remains his biggest. It has revolutionized the sport, drawing more surfers into the water in a self-perpetuating cycle that ensures Nealy's continuing success. "You have to have a surf leash nowadays," says Surf and Sport manager Dana Burley. "There are so many people in the water now that it would be too dangerous to have all those boards popping up."

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