Needless to say, no story about the city's misdeeds was ever written and none of this information was ever used. But Pilot editor Bill Lobdell's good buddy Peter Buffa, who was then the mayor of Costa Mesa, blasted me in his weekly column in the Pilot, as did John Hedges, a Newport Beach city councilman, in his column in the same paper. So let's see: the Daily Pilot knowingly underreported the amount of taxpayers' money being spent by Costa Mesa on its computer upgrade and refused to verify that the city had been lying to the public about its "hiring freeze," yet it happily signed up as columnists two councilmen from the local governments for which the paper is supposed to act as a watchdog. No problem with journalistic ethics here!

Keep up the good work, Mr. Lobdell. You're an asset to your community.

-Bentley Little, Fullerton

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