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I read your article on former Supervisor Bill Steiner, and I wanted to tell you that this is one of the best articles I have ever read in the OC Weekly (R. Scott Moxley's "Live Like a God! How Supervisor Bill Steiner used a phantom political campaign to fund his lavish lifestyle," April 23). The combination of shrewd investigative reporting and the zingers that only the Weekly can give made it a pleasure to read. I hope that you will go on to investigate this type of abuse that other currently serving elected officials are perpetrating.

-Chris Stanley, Laguna Niguel

While I am in complete agreement with the article on the "late, great Bill Steiner," I still find it frustrating that Big Bad Bill seems to dance better than Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly ever could. He has been under investigation for so long by The Orange County Register and the Orange County district attorney's office, and yet I was the only person who publicly challenged him.

Then I found out as soon as I gave the California chapter of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Board of Directors, the DA's office and the Register this information, it came out that I was the bad guy. Of course, I was no match for the Great One, and I just resigned. What I really wanted was the Board of Directors to step forward and support me. Instead, they sided with Bill and treated me like I had a deadly communicable disease.

No, I do not have sour grapes. The children are the ones who have lost in all this. Bill dropped the center as soon as it didn't serve his needs any longer, and without me, the center now has no effective, passionate spokesperson.

-Peter A. Caruso, Irvine

Editor's note: Caruso and Steiner were volunteer directors with the California chapter of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


Wow! Thanks for the breath of fresh air (R. Scott Moxley and Victor D. Infante's "Merrill Lynch Mob," April 23). By your next edition, Laguna Beach residents will be stuck with the ultimate "white elephant": the Getaway Resort at Treasure Island in south Laguna. Our City Council sold us out, our city manager [Kenneth Frank] did everything but get out the Chapstick while kissing the developer's ass, and, inexcusably, our two local papers rubber-stamped everything.

Laguna's future looks a lot like every other fucked-up beach community. Before, we could be kinda snobbish . . . you know, like we're better than all those other places. With the hills at our backs, we had that Quasimodo feeling when we came home: "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!"

Moxley pegged our City Council on the money (pun intended). Wayne Peterson's "I'll remember you, people" is an example of his vitriolic attitude. An honorable-mention award should go to our Planning Commission, especially Mr. Peterson's counterpart, Greg Vail, who called this project "the goose that lays the golden eggs." Maybe some of those eggs came your way, huh, Greg?

As Matt Coker pointed out last month (A Clockwork Orange, March 26), a few hundred meters away from Treasure Island is the toilet bowl, a.k.a. Aliso Creek Beach, or, as we call it, Cacaville. So we're getting a first-class hotel on a Third World beach. Adding insult to injury, the developer, Kim Richards, lied to me and my Surfrider Foundation friends by claiming that not a drop of sewage or surface runoff would touch this beautiful, pristine beach and extend our southern "dead zone." Frank let it slip at a previous meeting (later confirmed by South Coast Water District officials) that only the driest months would avail themselves to diversion. The rainy season (November to April) will bring a polluted ocean to this resort. Some "getaway," huh?

Greedy, lying, environmentally deaf, dumb and blind-we're on the verge of being raped by our own city fathers. And we still have that first downpour and subsequent six-month beach closing to look forward to. Sanctuary? I don't think so . . . more like insane asylum.

-Roger Butow, Laguna Beach

The reliably snide Moxley and Infante missed all that was interesting in our hometown referendum over Treasure Island. Both sides of this loud, messy, vigorous debate were funded by outside interests-hardly surprising, considering this prime piece of private property (a "little bit of paradise" that had been a guarded, gated trailer park most of us had never seen).

So everyone who voted for the proposed project was fooled, duped or bought by the Great Satan Merrill Lynch? Should we also assume that the No on A and B crowd-who said they could get a better deal from the developer-were fooled, duped or bought by the mobile-home-park owners who financed much of their campaign (a minor detail Moxley and Infante failed to report)?

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