Bye-Bye, butt floss

Wahine carves the new publishing style

Which is why they were willing to work with the guy who was marketing his surfboard holder. "He had invented this thing, and he came to us with the picture he wanted to run, and it had this girl in a bikini laying all over his invention for no apparent reason," Glazner says. "We told him we couldn't run the ad like that. So he came back with something else, and it still wasn't acceptable. We kept working with him until we got something." Which turned out to be a picture of the invention with about half of the body of the bikini girl sitting off to the side-something Glazner wasn't totally happy with. "We want our advertisers to be happy," she says. "We want to run really stunning ads; that's what sells in this business. We just think you can do that without having, you know, butt floss. And we know our readers feel that way because we get letters saying, 'Thank goodness you're not running butt floss.'"

Helping their cause has been the success of brands such as Roxy by Quiksilver, which markets to women who actually do things at the beach and has made it apparent to much of the industry that active sells. And so others have come around to their way of thinking, if not moved by principles then moved by the possibility of increasing principals.

"I think there's been a wising up of the industry," Edwards says. "I think a lot of companies are coming around to this conclusion because it's become the sensible thing to do for business."

Which may explain why a while ago, someone tried to start a second magazine devoted to female surfing. It failed. "It was run by men," Edwards says and leaves it at that.

Soon after, the interview ends. Glazner escorts me from her office to the front door, taking just a moment to let me feel the heft of one of the poetry folders. "And there's more coming all the time," she says. An associate interrupts to tell her that she has received a call from a man and then says the man's name. Glazner replies, "I don't know who that is."

"Well," the associate says, "he said he's from Reef."

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